The Farm

Be Whole Again Farm is a diverse, integrated sustainable farm located in Excelsior Springs, MO.  We raise  grass-fed Jersey cows as a dual-purpose milk and meat herd, Berkshire pigs, free-range hens, and a variety of produce. Check out for more information on our farming venture that integrates with the life coaching we offer.

Be Whole Again Farm’s “Whole Farm Club” offers you the chance to not only buy wholesome, sustainably grown foods, but to CREATE them!  Through our community farming model and on-farm homesteading classes you will have the unique opportunity to connect with a diversity of farm life (soil microbes, plants, animals, and other like-minded humans), learn new skills, make new friends, and develop new passions.  In short, we help you nurture yourself—body, mind and spirit.

Whole Farm Club is an extension of Be Whole Again, LLC, which offers life, health, and spiritual coaching following a model we call the “Whole Paradigm.”  We operate the farm and the Farm Club from that paradigm. In essence, the Farm Club provides additional support and resources to help you PRACTICE the mindset and life skills taught through  We are here to help you discover who you really are and what you were born to do, and assist you in creating a life of balance, joy, abundance, love, and peace.

Through our on-line and on-farm stores, the GENERAL PUBLIC can purchase a wide variety of products:  

  •  Food we produce here on the farm: “Whole” milk (raw, un-pasteurized, non-homogenized, milk from grass-fed dairy cows who get to raise their own calves), grass-fed beef, eggs from truly free-range pastured hens, pastured pork, and sustainably grown produce.
  • Additional added-value products (salads, freezer-meals, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc. made from the raw ingredients produced at our farm) are available through the efforts of Farm Club members who choose to take on those projects.
  • Food and non-food products from other local farmers and artisans.
  • A full line of organic foods from national and regional manufacturers to help you live the diet you find works best for you, whether it be: the Paleo / Caveman diet, Wheat-belly/ grain-free diet, Celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity diets, Nourishing Traditions diet, vegetarian, or others. (We just don’t cater to the “Modern American Diet.”)

Items can be bought at the farm 6 days a week, or delivered to one of our many convenient drop-points throughout the greater Kansas City area.  We accept SNAP cards (food stamps.) Items can also be purchased at discounted prices with Farm Club Coupons earned by Members through our community farming model.

Member’s-Only Community Farming and Food Production

Our farming model enables Farm Club Members to participate in the daily chores and ongoing projects at the farm to co-create a symbiotic, sustainable eco-system that provides food, exercise, social interaction, educational experiences, and spiritual and emotional fulfillment to all involved. Our goal is to fit you with jobs that are well suited to your interests and talents, so that you will LOVE the stewardships you commit to perform and it doesn’t feel like a “chore.”

Youth Programs 

In connection with the Farm Club, we offer internships, educational “core” classes (reading, writing, math, science, etc.), extra-curricular activities, and recreation for local youth through our “Work for Wisdom” and “Chores for Chillin’” programs at


  • Are you concerned about the safety and quality of the food available in most stores today? Perhaps you or your loved ones suffer from physical, emotional, or mental illnesses that you believe are connected to the toxins and nutritional deficiencies that are so prevalent in our industrial food system.
  • Do you want to avoid GMO’s or franken-hybrid foods that our bodies no longer recognize as food?  Do you want your food grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers that create unsustainable farms and destroy microbial life in the vital “soil food web”?
  • Have you made adjustments to your diet that have changed your whole life, and you want to help others experience those benefits too?
  • Do you long to “be the change” rather than waiting for government, industry, or “others” to improve food quality and safety?  Do you long to feel EMPOWERED that you CAN feed your family properly TODAY and in the FUTURE, regardless of what is going on in the world around you?
  • Do you try to buy organic foods but find it’s getting a little pricey? Or maybe you just wish you had more connection to the land and farm or a more “committed relationship” with the farmer that would secure your access to healthy food?
  • Have you ever daydreamed about having your own hobby farm so that you could enjoy the ability to produce your own clean, mineral-rich, full-flavored, fresh picked nourishing foods that were grown free of chemical herbicides and pesticides or GMO’s, and grass-based animal products? Do you long to drink in the fresh country air and savor the spiritual and emotional benefits of working with nature and animals? Do you long for the entertainment value of watching the silly antics and beautiful interactions of farm animals?
  • Do you envision meandering the lush green acres of a diverse little homestead with chickens, a milk cow, a pig or two, a beef steer, and beehives, but you have no CLUE how to raise these animals and keep them healthy, or how to manage a pasture to get it lush and green without chemical fertilizers?
  • Do you long for country experiences but your career or schooling require that you live in the city?
  • Don’t have the needed capital to buy land, animals, tractors, barns, fencing, hay, seeds, minerals, water troughs, etc.,  nor the reserves in savings to pay for vet bills, parts, or repairs when things inevitably get sick or break…or even die?
  • Do you want a farm “hobby” but have no desire to be a full-time farmer, bound to the farm by chores that must be done EVERY day?  Do you have other passions, dreams, time commitments and career options (that will actually earn enough to pay the bills), but you still long for your little piece of creation?
  • Do you ever find yourself longing to be part of a bigger community that shares your same passion for sustainability and a more purposeful way of living, so you don’t have to try and do it all alone?
  • Do you worry about your kids spending all of their time on Facebook, video games, or engaged in potentially dangerous or degrading activities?  Do your teens base all of their self-esteem on how “hot” they look in the newest clothing, make-up, or hairstyles?  Do you wish your kids had the chance to interact with other youth their age that you know have high moral standards? Do you want your kids interacting with adult mentors who will help them discover their talents in build their self-esteem?
  • Do you wish your kids could work a little on the side to support the expenses of their recreational and social activities?  Do you wonder how in the world they’ll ever learn work ethic or vital skills needed to be a contributing member of society?  Do you wish your kids could discover what they were “born to do” so they can pursue a career path that will truly make them happy and provide for their financial needs? (Check out for more even MORE support on this one.)

Well, then you’ve come to the right place!