Aug 16 2012

Grass-fed hamburger PRE-ORDER NOW

UPDATE: 8/17 We were able to find a buyer for the whole cow, so we will NOT be selling burger by the lb at this point. If you are interested in being contacted if we DO have burger by the pound at a future date, send me an email and we’ll add you to a waiting list. Thanks!!

8/16 I’m short on time, so I’m just going to copy and paste the ad I just placed on Craigslist.  If we can’t find a buyer for this whole live cow, we will be butchering her on Sunday, and hamburger will be available the last week of August. I’d like to take pre-orders now to ensure we can sell enough of her meat to recoup our costs selling her by the pound vs live. If you are interested, email me a total of how many pounds you’d like.



We bought a Jersey cow last fall that was supposed to have been bred with her first calf. And then she came back into heat within a week at our farm. We tried to breed her 2 times with AI in the fall, and then we stupidly decided to wait until spring to try again so she wouldn’t calf in the winter. We were hoping our young Jersey bull could breed her in the spring. When we figured out he probably wasn’t old enough to be sexually mature, we intended to put her with a friend’s proven Angus, but this summer has been so crazy, we just kept missing heats and not having time to take her to the bull. We AI’ed her once more about a month an a half ago. She started to bag up a little on the back 2 quarters a couple of months ago, but we think she was getting suckled by a few of our yearlings. When we bought her, we thought she was only 2 years old, but when her registration papers came in, the dates indicated that she was older. (Born June 2008–so she just turned four. ) The previous owner didn’t need more milk, so he’d waited an extra year to breed her. (We bought her with a group of 7 other cows that were all the same age, and they were all pregnant when they came, and he genuinely thought she was bred too –that’s what he says at least 🙂 It is possible that she could breed to a proven bull, but we don’t have enough hayto feed her and all of the younger heifers we’d rather keep.

She is a pure-bred, papered/registered Jersey. She is very fleshy right now and weighs about 930 lbs. If you buy her, you could choose to put her with a bull and try breeding her a few more cycles, or she’ll make great hamburger. I don’t have any room in my freezer for her right now and would prefer to buy hay with the cash instead. If we don’t sell her as a live cow before Sunday, we have a butcher date set up for this Sunday (8/19) at Winter Meats in Blue Springs and we’ll sell her hamburger by the pound to our raw milk clients (and other interested parties) at $5/lb as grass-fed/finished beef. (She’s been getting some sprouted barley grass fodder the last few weeks too.)

There are a few things I’d be willing to trade for: hay, a four wheeler, a good pair of used double convection ovens, or cement and cement work done in our new dairy parlor we’re finishing. Cash or hay are the highest priority though. I also have some 16 month old Jersey-cross heifers for sale if you are looking for a milk cow.

  1. i have seen your add on craiglist… and might be interested in on one of the cows and cant find them on here… can you send me the link page… we might be able to work something out….on one of them….

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