Jun 16 2012

Natural Yeasts and Sourdough

I’ve been making homemade sourdough bread for a couple of years. (I”ll blog about it more in the future and hopefully hold a break making class sometime soon.) Before I moved here a year ago, I had perfected a recipe that wasn’t sour and was easy to make a light fluffy loaf. Then, during our move I failed to feed my start regularly and it went “funky.  My two attempts to re-start my start, from dried start and catching wild yeasts, have resulted in less than stellar results. Our lives have been SOOOO busy on the farm this year that I haven’t had time to cook the way I’m used to, which is making me sad.

(It is a serious problem that we moved to a farm so we could eat better and now I’m so busy I can’t cook. And there are far too many days of late that we don’t drink milk or eat eggs because we’ve sold it all. Coming soon . . . plans to change all of that!)

I’ve been longing to make sourdough bread and THEN . . . I got an email from Caleb Warnock. We’d had some classes together in college and I attended some of his writing workshops in American Fork, UT. He’s just written a new book on cooking with natural yeasts. AND . . . he gives away yeast flakes to grow a start from that is composed of SWEET strains of yeast–not sour. I just sent him a SASE so I can get some of his. I’ll let you know what I think of it.  I’m very excited to try it.

Check out this blog post for info about his new book and getting/using his yeast flakes.


And read this excellent blog post for awesome information on why natural yeasts are so much better for you than commercially available fast rising yeast. I was completely unaware that in 2005 yeasts are being genetically modified and that these yeasts may be one of the contributing causes to certain people’s grain intolerances. SCARY!


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