Nourishing Souls: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

If you are looking for RAW MILK, please visit our farm website www.bewholeagainfarm.com.  I’ve moved everything related to the farming side of the business and all of the organic food products we sell over to that website.

This website is slowly being converted to discuss only the Spiritual, Life, and Health Coaching services and seminars we offer.  Whether you are dealing with addiction, relationship issues, or just feel like your life is out of harmony, we can help.  Our goal is to help you nurture your whole soul–Body, Mind, and Spirit–so that you can live Life in Harmony.

I will be adding more and more information on this site in the coming months.  So stay tuned!



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  1. Steve


    I found your blog off realmilk.com. Unfortunately you guys are a little out of the way for me, and I can’t afford the gas or time to travel your way, but I did just want to say thanks for offering this. I have been having a helluva time trying to find real raw milk in my area, and everything is just ‘hush hush’…understandably so. So thanks for taking that risk and hopefully enough people will see stuff like this and stand up for it too.

    I did have a question I was hoping to get answered also… I’m new to the organic scene, and especially raw milk and have read all the great things about pasture fed, but I notice a lot of people mention feeding them grains during milking. Why is this? And does it effect the omega 3’s in the milk that seem so critical of something being grassfed?

    Any help would be appreciated. Sorry I can’t buy in, but I did want to at least say thanks for doing the service you’re doing. A lot of use really need help with our health and people like you guys are what’s gonna save us.

  2. Linda Maucelli

    It had been 50 years since I had drank milk, but since finding this delicious milk, my husband and I are now using a gallon a week. We love it. Thanks for being here.

  3. Whitney Morton

    Hello, Rachel,

    Thank you, thank you, for “squeezing” me in allowing to purchase two gallons of milk from your farm.

    We made two batches of butter and the most delicious ricotta and mozzarella I’ve ever had! The lasagna was such a hit, they asked for leftovers the next day…and the boys in my house don’t eat leftovers.

    Thanks, again, for a fantastic product! I may be visiting you again around Thanksgiving. I’m in charge of the meat/cheese tray. I only wish we were closer! My jars are ready!

    Whitney Morton, Coffey, MO

  4. dean elledge

    I turned my fresh milk into fresh kefir . It is so good for you in so many ways that store bought cannot compare.
    there is an old saying ” pay the farmer or pay the dr”

    Dean E.

  5. Hollyrm

    Hello Rachel and Scott,

    Jak and I would like to personally thank you and your family for helping us with our goats’ delivery. You guys truly were an amazing and uplifting help! We seriously cannot thnak you guys enough for your dedication and hlep to us! We love your milk, we love your eggs, and we love your family for being so kind. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.

    Jak and Holly

  6. rachel

    Thank you Jak and Holly for such a nice comment. What a crazy week that was, huh!? Three goats having kids in three days. I’m glad we were able to help. It was fun for me to watch Scott in action as an animal mid-wife :) He’d never delivered goats before, but had helped deliver all of my 5 babies–including 2 at home. He’s grown into his role as a farmer pretty nicely I’d say. At this point I would say calving is easier than kidding–but I guess the fact that your miniatures were accidentally bred by a bigger buck was probably the reason for the difficulty. Any time you have multiple births though I guess you run a higher risk of mal-presentations. Bonnie should calve any day now. Can’t wait for another birth! Your kids were beautiful and it was a great experience for my children to get to see. Thanks for trusting us enough to call. We so enjoy our frienship with you both!

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